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We’re opening up digital asset markets to professional traders, brokers and asset managers - right from the heart of the financial capital of the world

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Quantave's Direct Market Access connectivity solution aggregates liquidity across multiple digital asset trading venues from a single point of entry.

Pre & Post Trade

Our pre-trade risk control system and post-trade settlement solution delivers efficient capital management and mitigates counterparty risk for market participants.


We maintain both historical and real-time tick data from multiple venues, enabling back-testing and deployment of automated trading strategies.


Our vision

The nascent digital asset markets hold a great deal of potential but available liquidity is fragmented across a wide range of trading venues across the globe.

Existing liquidity providers and investors also carry a high degree of counterparty risk and are burdened with cumbersome capital management processes.

These factors are providing a high barrier to entry for many professional traders and asset managers looking to explore these new asset classes.

Quantave's architecture addresses these key issues, enabling broader access to digital asset markets in a secure and compliant manner.


If you're a professional trader, fund manager or broker looking to compliantly access the digital asset markets, get in touch and we can tell you more.

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